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CBS joins with International Rhino Foundation

Rhinos in White

Rhinos in White

Cardboard Safari has joined with the International Rhino Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to the survival of the world’s rhino species through conservation and research, to spread awareness about the plight of the rhino.  Rhinos have existed on Earth for more than 50 million years. In the past, rhinos were much more diverse and widespread (occurring in North America and Europe as well as in Africa and Asia).  Today, only five species of rhinos survive.  All rhinos are under threat of extinction, and all but one species is on the verge of extinction.  Without drastic action, some rhinos could be extinct in the wild within the next 10-20 years.

Cardboard Safari offers premium-quality animal figures made of recycled cardboard.  Rhino, Deer, Moose and Bison heads are currently available in both brown and white cardboard. Each animal puzzle is laser-cut for precision fit, easily assembles using slotted construction and is made to mount on the wall.  

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