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Rambling Robbie Goes Cross Country

 While one Rambling Robbie stays to explore Charlottesville with Cori, his twin has embarked on a cross-country adventure with our Colorado crew. Join us – Jackson and Lucie – as we explore our new home with Robbie by our side.

First things first, a mountain town needs a mountain truck.


Robbie can’t get enough of his new wheels. The bright red complements his natural cardboard hue quite nicely, don’t you think? Unfortunately that front seat seems a bit too big for Robbie still. We’re hoping that he’ll grow into it. Until then, he’ll settle for shotgun.

We can see two peaks from our front yard: North Table Mountain and Mount Galbraith. Robbie hasn’t taken any trips all the way up there yet because he’s still getting acclimating to the altitude, but he’s been practicing.


He’s a natural, clearly. Look out for Robbie on the cover of Climbing Magazine – he’ll be a pro before you know it.

Stay tuned for more adventures to come!

Rhino Install Complete

Finally Home

Rambling Robbie is finally installed! The install went well but not without a few challenges; a shredded tire, a broken lift hook and a short but dramatic drop of the rhino onto the truck bed.

Click for full series of install images.

A big thanks to the following companies and individuals without whom this would not have been possible.

Luis Rodrigalvarez – Design and meticulous CAD work
Tracy Robertson of  Waterjet Cutting Services – Material and cutting
Roger Sherry of Plank Road Studios – Assembly and installation
William Sneed – Roll-back towing
SL Williamson – Crane crew and truck
Ron Slaughter – Generator
Art In Place – Opportunity and a great deal of patience

Enjoy Charlottesville !

Dog Catches Car

Who did this?


Like the dog that caught the car, we’re asking “what now?” after Charlottesville’s Art in Place organization  selected Rambling Robbie for the 2010 public sculpture exhibit. 

Once complete in October, he’ll be just over 6 ft. high, 14 ft. long and weigh about 4000 lbs. We’ll be sure to post images of the build process and installation. 

Do let us know if you need a really, really big rhino.