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Robbie the Rhino Sighting at Art Fair Gallery

Cardboard Safari’s Robbie the Rhino becomes contemporary art being customized with a variety of Papier-mâché creations. Cedric Vernay Contemporary Art Show, SMART-Aix 2012 in Aix en Provence France fashioned Robbie into fascinating works of art. We’re excited here at Cardboard Safari seeing how our products can be so beautifully modified.

Supporting Computers For Kids

Cardboard Safari supports the local Charlottesville Computers4Kids mentoring program by donating used computer equipment. We are happy to be part of the Charlottesville business community helping our youth with a safe and fun place to learn after school. C4K is a excellent way for our youth to gain the technology training they need to get ahead, and the tools they need to do so.

BigHorn Rocky the Ram

Giant Rocky the Ram – In every wild flock of sheep there’s a mature ram which the others follow as a leader.  Giant Rocky the Ram is one of our BigHorn trophies and is leading the Cardboard Safari flock to ever newer grazing territory.  We’re busy designing new Cardboard Animal Trophies, Games, Things that Fly, and More.  www.cardboardsafari.com

Cardboard Buffalo – the answer to your problems

Bison Trohpy in Three Sizes

Bison Trohpy in Three Sizes

Need a great Father’s day gift or have a difficult room to decorate?   Just add a cardboard buffalo trophy: problem solved.

A customer emailed this afternoon with a great quote “I just made a purchase of a bison head…  My husband will love this, his answer to every decorating dilema is ‘I think a buffalo head would look great there’ Now he will have one 🙂  ~ MK”

What dad wouldn’t want a Buffalo, Deer, Moose or Rhino trophy for Father’s day?

Be sure to check-out MK’s cool Etsy site.

Wreath’s are Fun to Decorate

Silver Wreath

Silver Wreath

With a little paint and time you can customize our Leaf Pattern Wreath into your own personal design statement. Silver spray paint, blue acrylic brush paint and silver glitter were used to customize the wreath shown. A thin coat of spray paint works best. Thick coats of paint can effect part fit and make the wreath difficult to assemble.
All our products are easy to decorate an make great family craft projects.

Thank you,

Chris Jessee

Who Is Our Target Customer? (no pun intended)

Cardboard Safari attended the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show in Richmond, Virginia last weekend, thinking hunters might appreciate our deer head trophies.  After all, they already like the idea of having a deer head on the wall and ours are a lot easier to catch!  If a hunter has a bad season, he can proudly hang our stylized, life-size trophy head in his den for his friends to admire.  But alas, they did not get the joke and sales were slow.

So who is the perfect customer for our cardboard animal heads that look just as stylish in Martha Stewart’s living room as in a kid’s bedroom?  In one setting, Bucky conveys, “I am an eco-friendly, high style statement that no animals were harmed in the decoration of this living space.”  In a kid’s room, with a little red paint, it’s Rudolf time!  Please let us know what hanging a Bucky in your space says about you.