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Who Is Our Target Customer? (no pun intended)

Cardboard Safari attended the Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show in Richmond, Virginia last weekend, thinking hunters might appreciate our deer head trophies.  After all, they already like the idea of having a deer head on the wall and ours are a lot easier to catch!  If a hunter has a bad season, he can proudly hang our stylized, life-size trophy head in his den for his friends to admire.  But alas, they did not get the joke and sales were slow.

So who is the perfect customer for our cardboard animal heads that look just as stylish in Martha Stewart’s living room as in a kid’s bedroom?  In one setting, Bucky conveys, “I am an eco-friendly, high style statement that no animals were harmed in the decoration of this living space.”  In a kid’s room, with a little red paint, it’s Rudolf time!  Please let us know what hanging a Bucky in your space says about you.