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Celebrate 4th of July with our U.S. Flag Birch Bucky!

If you are celebrating Independence Day next week, you are likely going to a party of some sort followed by a dazzling display of fireworks.

Whether you are attending or hosting, our U.S. Flag Bucky is the ideal centerpiece for your patriotic decor.  Made in the USA using environmentally friendly Birch Plywood, Bucky is the perfect way to commemorate America’s independence!

Order now to receive before July 4th!

Create a Colorful Habitat at a Discount!


Seeking a gift for a friend or family member who could benefit from a focused pastime?

Short on material to take to the next adult coloring party?

Searching for an activity to share with children while educating them?

Straight from the hands of a local Charlottesville artist, we have the perfect solution in two Little Rhino Coloring Books, Costa Rica and Africa.

Both books are spectacularly illustrated by artist, architect, author, and conservationist, Bob Anderson.

Better yet, they are discounted by at least 20% in our Sale Section.

Purchase these while supplies last!




Anderson’s coloring books feature drawings and brief descriptions of a wide range of animals that inhabit savannas, rain forests, and tropical terrains.



The Africa book includes detailed information about each animal, including scientific name, size, weight, distribution, habitat, and status.

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Fine Art & Fun

The Costa Rica book features black & white coloring templates with the artist’s colored versions on the facing page, making it a book of fine art & fun activity.


Coloring Book Craze!

Adult coloring books have taken a recent rise in popularity. As quoted by fans of the genre in, Inside the Adult Coloring Book Craze,

“I love it,” said Nichole Schmidt, a stay-at-home mom. “It’s very meditative. It gets me away from the kids. And this is my Zen.”

“Far more people are looking for things that are unplugged,” said Ann Garbarino, an advisor at the Small Business Development Center at Stony Brook. “And it’s something that a lot of generations can agree on.”

White-Faced Capuchin

Also on Sale. . .

Included in the sale are Bob Anderson’s beautiful hard cover story books, When I was a Little Boy I was a Black Panther, based on the author’s own childhood fantasies of being able to turn into his favorite animal, and Obo, a tale about a young spot-nosed guenon monkey who goes off on an quest through the African rainforest in search of paradise.

A coloring book for mom, a storybook for son. It’s the perfect match!



Printing in ECO mode

We recently switched our printers to economy mode which reduces the amount of toner used on each page.  Not only does this help keep our costs low it also reduces the number of toner cartridges used. All our toner cartridges are returned for refilling when empty.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to print labels with a commercial printer? Commercial printers require large print runs to be cost effective.  As a small company we don’t ship enough product to meet the volume numbers required for offset printing. Printing our labels in-house allows minor corrections and adjustments to labels with no waste. We are always looking for ways to reduce waste and keep costs low.

Chris Jessee

CBS joins with International Rhino Foundation

Rhinos in White

Rhinos in White

Cardboard Safari has joined with the International Rhino Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to the survival of the world’s rhino species through conservation and research, to spread awareness about the plight of the rhino.  Rhinos have existed on Earth for more than 50 million years. In the past, rhinos were much more diverse and widespread (occurring in North America and Europe as well as in Africa and Asia).  Today, only five species of rhinos survive.  All rhinos are under threat of extinction, and all but one species is on the verge of extinction.  Without drastic action, some rhinos could be extinct in the wild within the next 10-20 years.

Cardboard Safari offers premium-quality animal figures made of recycled cardboard.  Rhino, Deer, Moose and Bison heads are currently available in both brown and white cardboard. Each animal puzzle is laser-cut for precision fit, easily assembles using slotted construction and is made to mount on the wall.  

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