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Beauty In Details

Since Cardboard Safari was founded, we have always encouraged our customers to stretch their artistic legs and customize our products using paint, glitter, paper mache and more.  Ten years later we are still amazed at all the ways artists use our products as canvases.

Long time friend and collaborater, Leah Yellowbird, is no exception.  She took our Contour Droplet Panel  and, using paint, created this masterpiece!  See more images below.  The detail is astounding!

We will be sharing more of Leah’s work in the coming months.  In the meantime we encourage you to use Cardboard Safari products for your next crafting project!

Dog Catches Car

Who did this?


Like the dog that caught the car, we’re asking “what now?” after Charlottesville’s Art in Place organization  selected Rambling Robbie for the 2010 public sculpture exhibit. 

Once complete in October, he’ll be just over 6 ft. high, 14 ft. long and weigh about 4000 lbs. We’ll be sure to post images of the build process and installation. 

Do let us know if you need a really, really big rhino.