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New Cardboard Crocks!


In celebration of spring we are unveiling a new design: the Cardboard Crock! If you are an avid gardener and appreciate the concept of wearing your shoes and eating them too, the Cardboard Crock is 100% compostable. Water, sweat, and spit soluble, these shoes will truly take you for a walk through the mud. You may want to wear socks because once they melt there is nothing between you and that gravel road. Kids who prefer to run around barefoot will love these shoes, especially if they take them for a wade through the creek. The shoes are a healthy snack for fish, but will not provide protection against crabs, broken glass, or water snakes.  They are also recyclable. Once you outgrow them (if they haven’t yet dissolved), simply crumple them up and toss them in the recycle bin. The Cardboard Crock gives new meaning to a low carbon footprint. Pick up a pair of these limited edition shoes while they last, and keep in mind, if they don’t fit, they are environmentally safe and effective tinder for the fire.  Available one day only, April,1 2013.

New – DIY Kit


Just released, our new DIY kit allows for the creation of any cardboard product you can imagine.  The kit includes several sheets of brown cardboard, a Sharpie marker and a Olfa utility knife.  Simply draw your pattern on the cardboard using the sharpie, cut it out with the Olfa knife and assemble.  This product is only limited by your imagination. 


Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk

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With great excitement, Cardboard Safari announces our newest animal –  Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk.  That’s right, bring the aroma of outdoors inside with our new exclusive line of scented animals.  Our full bodied Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk will make a great addition to any room in your home or office.  And, the authentic Super Skunk smell is made from eco-friendly biological skunk oil farmed exclusively for Cardboard Safari in an animal friendly manner.  Open the package and be blown away by the pungent smell of the great outdoors.

Our cardboard  Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk comes in 3 sizes and is available in both black and white scented cardboard.  Once you’ve built your Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk, just give him a little scratch with your finger and the room will be filled with the scented smell of skunk!  Be on the look-out for our future additions to the Super Scratch-N-Sniff line of cardboard animals to include the Super Scratch-N-Sniff Muskrat.  We will also be updating our popular Rhino, Moose, and Bison trophies to have that Super Scratch-N-Sniff smell as well.  Ahh, imagine walking into a room and being greeted with the odors of a real life Rhino, Moose, or Bison.