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Holiday Gift Guide

No one likes stress, and we certainly don’t want our customers to feel that way – especially during the holidays, when you know you’d much rather kick back and relax rather than spend hours trying to cross off everything on your gift list. This is our gift to you, to make things a little easier and these weeks a little more enjoyable. Make Cardboard Safari your one-stop shop this year with our Top 20 Gift Guide for the holidays and any day thereafter.

Lifelike Animals Set

Eyan the Elephant, Juliette the Giraffe, Leon the Lion, and Zoe the Zebra love to spend time together. This time, all four faux-furry friends have donned their true stripes, dots, and colors to create the Lifelike Cardboard Safari Animals Set.

Lifelike Safari Animals Set

These guys are each pretty incredible on their own thanks to their beautifully realistic patterns, but make an even bigger impression as a group. The Lifelike collection will help you bring nature indoors, while making you forget that you don’t actually live in the middle of the Serengeti. Lucky for you, this crowd is probably a little more housetrained than their wild counterparts.

Fred the Moose

Fred_mooseFor the best description of Fred, we turn to one of our favorite product reviews of all time:

“Fred brings joy wherever he goes,” says one happy moose owner. It’s hard to competewith a statement like that.

What makes Fred such a big ball of sunshine? This antlered ambler is spunk personified. His spread-eagle horns, handsome profile, and adorably intrusive nose give him a winning demeanor that’s equal parts classy and goofy. His design also features just the right combination of simplicity and complexity, as blank spaces and thoughtful subtleties complement one another from his antlers to the bell beneath his neck. Make a new friend with Fred this holiday – he’d love to brighten your day, everyday.

Bucky the Deer

Iconic, illustrious, world-famous: these are the words that best describe Bucky the Deer. Bucky’s been with the Cardboard Crew since the very beginning. He was the first cardboard animal head that we ever created, and has been the perfect foundation for our company to build off of. Basically, he’s kind of a big deal.



Bucky is the kind of present that your friends and family will never grow out of. After all, we’ve kept him around for almost 10 years and have only fallen more in love with him as the time has passed. For a gift that sends the message of loyalty, affection, and good design sense, Bucky’s your deer.

Jack and Jill Masks

Jack and Jill went up the hill to… sculpt their faces in cardboard! That’s how the story goes around here. It’s much better than the original, because it ends with two cool cardboard products instead of a broken skull. Everybody wins.

Jack_mask Jill_mask

Whether or not you like our retelling, we bet you’ll like our Jack and Jill Masks. This pair is especially incredible because of the remarkable detail that goes into every feature. It looks as if Jack and Jill literally pressed their faces into a cardboard pin mold, and we’d stand behind that theory in a heartbeat if we didn’t know any better. Give the gift of humanity with Jack and Jill.

Vince the Skull

For your friend who wishes that Halloween never had to end, the doctor in your family, or simply anyone that could use a friend, Vince will do the trick. We found Vince at the three-way intersection of creepy, cute, and just plain cool. He’s got the eerie air of an October evening breeze mixed with the “aw” factor of your favorite stuffed animal and the aesthetic of the Old Masters. Equipped with a toothy grin, a sturdy build, a satisfying density, and a meticulous design, Vince is ready to rock the holidays.


Vince comes in a variety of forms, from his standard brown and white to black and even zebra print. Don’t forget that you can upgrade to Vince’s Boxed Edition to include his special display case.

Pine Cones

pinecone_set_six_branch_001Bring the winter wonderland indoors with our Cardboard Pine Cones. These decorations will help you spread holiday cheer throughout the evergreen season, and make great accompaniments to traditional trees and wreaths. And, no sticky sap or rot to worry about – ever. Our pine cones are holiday gifts that will stick around for many, many snowfalls to come.

They’re unique, too. Where else can you find a foot-long pinecone? We offer our Cardboard Pine Cones in three sizes: small (4.5 x 6 inches), medium (7 x 9 inches), and larger than life (9.5 x 12 inches). Find one of each in the Variety Set, or double your collection with our Set of Six small pine cones for the same price.

Billy the Bison

Billy‘s got The Look. You know, The Just-Rolled-Outta-Bed Shaggy Look that’s all the rage these days. Just pick up any fashion magazine and you’ll find Billy’s influence everywhere. He’s the ultimate trend-setter. That’s why he would make the perfect gift for your fashionista friends and family members, or maybe those in your life who might need a little help in that department.


His first piece of advice? “Work hard to make your hard work look effortless!” Billy has mastered this technique: each individual spike of fur around his mane has been carefully cut and groomed, but he still gives off a vibe of casual carelessness that will have you scratching your head about how on earth he does it. Maybe if you take him home or wrap him up this holiday, Billy will reveal the rest of his style secrets.

Fantasy Weapons


Brand new to the fantasy lineup are our Cardboard Weapons, three fierce designs based on their historical and fanciful predecessors. Pull a Katana straight out of a Japanese history lesson or a scene from The Walking Dead, unsheath the Arming Sword in the name of King Arthur, and raise your Battle Axe like Gimli.

The world is your playground with our collection of weapons. These would make a great gift for fantasy bookworms or movie fiends, fencers, history buffs, and anyone with a bit of restless energy to get rid of. Make someone’s dueling dreams come true this year.

Eyan the Elephant

Elephants are wonderful creatures, plain and simple. Big, beautiful, boisterous, and benevolent: just look at this heroic clip for all the evidence you’ll ever need. Give Eyan as a gift to tell someone, “You are my beloved elephant in this crazy, mixed-up world”. We think it’s a pretty high compliment.


Eyan features a design that is simultaneously powerful and delicate. Those broad ears stand strong and steady, with gentle folds carved subtly into their edges. That proud trunk makes a solid statement, and bends with careful grace. From every angle, Eyan’s got the best of both worlds.

Math and Science Set

Add some dimension to your education with our discounted Cardboard Math and Science Set, which includes a DNA Helix and Pi Wall Hanging. Give these pieces to teachers, scientists, mathematicians, or even kids who have no idea what they’re looking at yet – for some early inspiration.


The DNA Helix is an intricate piece of work. Packed into its 14 inch tall frame are all the right nucleotides, hydrogen bonds, and base pairs in all their proper places – to the best of our printing ability. Our Pi Board is a dazzling celebration of the magical 3.14, decked out in rainbow layers on a bright red base. Put them together and you’ve got a combination fit for lab rats everywhere.

Safari Animals Set

In addition to their own individual listings, this Cardboard Crew also comes as a package deal in the Safari Animals Set. And when we say “deal”, we really mean it: buy Eyan the Elephant, Juliette the Giraffe, Robbie the Rhino, and Leon the Lion all together to save 10% on your purchase.


The gang that explores together, stays together. In honor of the African Safari landscape that these animals all share, we’ve kept them united in that bond. They may not get along quite so well in the wild, but they sure are great friends in this environment. Give them all as a 4 in 1 present, or split them up to share the love.


Symbolize your feelings for your family and friends with these marvelous wall hangings. There’s an option out there for everyone: our Hipster Combo in honor of your uncle’s new ‘stache, a Prohibition Sign for your teenage daughter who just can’t get enough alone time, or maybe a Lightbulb to hang in your pal’s new local business to inspire more bright ideas.

bowtie_B_couch_001_sq peace_W_globe_001a

Whatever the occasion or personality, our Cardboard Symbols can help you say what you want without saying anything at all. Save your words and send a message with symbols this time around, just to switch things up.

Tex the Longhorn

Tex the Cardboard Longhorn knows how to make an entrance. One look at those broad horns, and nobody will be able to turn away. When it comes to turning heads and catching eyes, Tex fits the the bill. bling_tex_glry_013

All this Longhorn wants for the holidays is a place to spread out and get comfy. His horns take up a lot of room, and he’s pretty tired of feeling so cramped in our warehouse. A nice open wall or mantle would make Tex jump for joy, at least in our imagination. Kill two birds with one stone by finding a spacious home for Tex and making his new owner happy with this fantastic gift!

Fleur de Lis Wreath


The worst part about  wreaths is that they don’t last much longer than the occasion that you initially buy them for. Sure, they serve their intended purpose by making it until January before turning brown and falling slowly to the ground, but what about next year? Another purchase to add to the books? No, thanks. We prefer something a little more timeless, like our Cardboard Wreaths.

Wrap this Fleur de Lis Wreath up for someone that appreciates a gift that will hold up season after season. Plus, it’d be tough to twist leaves and branches into such an intricate design. There’s a clear winner here.

Shake things up even more with the Fleur de Lis Wreath in a colorful Mardi Gras print, which is also right around the corner.

North American Animals Set

Just like their friends in Africa, these North American Animal Heads come in a group for 10% off the total price. This set combines four magnificent creatures that you’ll find somewhere between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, from your backyard to the mountain bushlands.


This team represents the broad spectrum that is North American nature. We’re lucky to have all these cool critters under our roof, and they’re just the beginning! Celebrate a new kind of patriotism with these guys. You never know, you may start a new movement. Get that trend off the ground by sharing the North American Animals Set with the people on your list.

Rocky the Ram


Rock on with Rocky the Cardboard Ram. All your favorite cliff climbers, wilderness wanderers, and peak pursuers will find something to love in Rocky. He’s rugged, striking, bold, and full of adventure – just like the wild, wild west.

When the outdoorsmen and women around you already have more gear and REI gift cards coming to them this holiday than they know what to do with, give them something different that still captures their free spirit. Rocky will become the best inspiration for all their mountain explorations in the new year, and you’ll get to be the mastermind behind it all.

Merlin the Unicorn

Merlin the Cardboard Unicorn makes dreams come true. Just imagine how excited your favorite little ones would be to find this fantastic creature waiting for them. And don’t forget the kids at heart, too – there’s no age limit on Merlin’s magical spirit.


So what happens when our unicorn makes his amazing appearance among all the holiday festivities? Merlin has been known to cause extreme happiness manifesting in high-pitched squeals of delight, chaotic jumping, rapid clapping of the hands, and bear hugs. Be aware of these symptoms and take steps to protect ear drums, exposed toes, and delicate home decor.

Vintage Map Print Animals


Where in the world are our animals? They may hail from Virginia, but they’re headed to new places all over the globe with our Vintage Map Print collection on Eyan the Elephant, Bucky the Deer, and Fred the Moose. From Boston and California all the way to Tokyo and India, plus so many more, these guys are really going places.


Fuel the jetsetter lifestyle with these geographic beauties. This creative twist on map decor could make a thoughtful gift for veteran travelers and novices alike. Anyone with a good dose of wanderlust will appreciate a print that whisks them away on an adventure with every glance.

Stewart the Bear

Ah, good ol’ Stu. Stewart the Cardboard Bear is a classic, just like the quintessential teddy that almost every kid grows up with from crib to college dorm and beyond. Our version is a little less cuddly, but just as adorable and much more remarkable to boot.


Trust Stewart to guard his new home, while also charming the pants off of anyone who walks in the door. He’s the finest mixture of fierce and lovable that we know, which makes for a winning combination if we ever saw one. Let your recipients decide when they put Stewart together. The big smile you see stretch across their faces in that moment? That’s what Stu lives for.

Submarine Blimp

This cardboard creation becomes especially interesting when you realize that the Submarine Blimp is actually a transformer. Better still, it’s probably one of the easiest transformations ever – to make this little switcheroo from submarine to blimp or vice versa, just change the way you display it. For a deep-sea-diving sub, place it on a table. For a high-flying blimp, hang it from the ceiling.

submarine blimp

The Submarine Blimp is your best bet for fickle and finicky friends, so that they can give their decor a mini makeover on any passing whim. Everyone could use a change in scenery from time to time, anyway.

Re-Visit Children’s Building Project


Super-Cool!  Check out this RE-VISIT to the Public Workshop at National Building Museum – Posted a year ago.  In March of 2011, Cardboard Safari created hundreds of cardboard disks for Alex Gilliam of Public Workshop for an interactive children’s project at the National Building Museum.  See this link for more info and images. Also some Flickr images here.

Quote from Anna “My son had a great time putting these discs together at the building museum. Are these going to be available as a product to buy?”  “Yeah! I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer”

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

RecycleAll Cardboard Safari products are made using safe, environmentally friendly, recycled cardboard made in the USA. Our paper supplier has provided a statement certifying the supplied paper meets all required regulations regarding heavy metals.

“Georgia-Pacific LLC has always exerted careful control on the chemicals which may be present in our products in order to comply with all applicable regulations and our customers’ requirements.”



As our products are made in the US of US made materials we help keep American workers employed.

Thank you, 

Chris Jessee

New Laser Arrives

new laser cutter

new laser cutter

We’ve just taken delivery on a new laser cutter. As we ramp-up production for the holidays and introduce new products this new laser will allow us to keep pace.

Each of our products is individually laser-cut. This allows for precision fit and a construction technique that is difficult to achieve using other production methods.

Our lasers are also manufactured in the USA.

Chris Jessee

Matt and Fred the Moose

Matt Bird of The Curatorium  
Matt Bird of The Curatorium

 Check out what Matt Bird, owner of the store The Curatorium and professor at RISD School of Design, thinks about Fred the Moose.  

In answer to the question – What’s your favorite object in the store right now, and why?  

Matt answers, “I love the Moose Head by Cardboard Safari. (Pictured above, $52) It comes flat-packed and you assemble it yourself. It’s a great piece for a very reasonable price. I used to have a carved wood moose head in the shop, which was goregeous, and made somebody very happy.  But that piece was $400, while this one is a lot more accessible.”  

These days, it’s not enough for a product to be attractive or high quality.  Today, high style is defined just as strongly by social relevance and environmental sustainability.  Made in America is also important.  Consider what the design firm, Design Glut, has to say:  “Our philosophy is based upon the fact that we are living in a design glut. There is an excess of designed products on the market, which consumers send to the landfill at an alarming rate. As product designers, how do we move forwards? 

Our answer is to design things that are better, more intelligent, and make people happier than what already exists. We believe in quality materials and timeless beauty. In addition, product design is an extremely effective medium to convey messages. Big-spending advertisers tell us all the time how their brands convey wealth, status, or give the owner membership in a group. We have our own message: think for yourself, and consume intelligently rather than mindlessly.”  Enjoy www.designglut.com.