Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk

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With great excitement, Cardboard Safari announces our newest animal –  Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk.  That’s right, bring the aroma of outdoors inside with our new exclusive line of scented animals.  Our full bodied Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk will make a great addition to any room in your home or office.  And, the authentic Super Skunk smell is made from eco-friendly biological skunk oil farmed exclusively for Cardboard Safari in an animal friendly manner.  Open the package and be blown away by the pungent smell of the great outdoors.

Our cardboard  Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk comes in 3 sizes and is available in both black and white scented cardboard.  Once you’ve built your Super Scratch-N-Sniff Skunk, just give him a little scratch with your finger and the room will be filled with the scented smell of skunk!  Be on the look-out for our future additions to the Super Scratch-N-Sniff line of cardboard animals to include the Super Scratch-N-Sniff Muskrat.  We will also be updating our popular Rhino, Moose, and Bison trophies to have that Super Scratch-N-Sniff smell as well.  Ahh, imagine walking into a room and being greeted with the odors of a real life Rhino, Moose, or Bison.