Meet Bucky, Dressed for Winter

bucky sweaterBucky the Deer is the perfect companion for home or office.

His calm presence will quell your anxiety.

Is there a deadline looming? Are you feeling the burden of financial stress? Wondering if that hot guy in the office will ever notice you? Training for a sports event? Gearing up for the hunt?

Bucky will remind you to tread lightly, eat your vegetables, find stillness in moments of terror, and leap ahead swiftly (all this in the safety of your own home).

Bucky has been around. From the stage set of the Jimmy Fallon Show to the pages of Southern Living Real Simple, and Sunset magazines. Bucky will remind you to live large and strut your stuff!

It’s getting cold outside and Bucky is bundled up for the holidays. He is very crafty and has knitted himself a few beautiful sweaters.