Matt and Fred the Moose

Matt Bird of The Curatorium  
Matt Bird of The Curatorium

 Check out what Matt Bird, owner of the store The Curatorium and professor at RISD School of Design, thinks about Fred the Moose.  

In answer to the question – What’s your favorite object in the store right now, and why?  

Matt answers, “I love the Moose Head by Cardboard Safari. (Pictured above, $52) It comes flat-packed and you assemble it yourself. It’s a great piece for a very reasonable price. I used to have a carved wood moose head in the shop, which was goregeous, and made somebody very happy.  But that piece was $400, while this one is a lot more accessible.”  

These days, it’s not enough for a product to be attractive or high quality.  Today, high style is defined just as strongly by social relevance and environmental sustainability.  Made in America is also important.  Consider what the design firm, Design Glut, has to say:  “Our philosophy is based upon the fact that we are living in a design glut. There is an excess of designed products on the market, which consumers send to the landfill at an alarming rate. As product designers, how do we move forwards? 

Our answer is to design things that are better, more intelligent, and make people happier than what already exists. We believe in quality materials and timeless beauty. In addition, product design is an extremely effective medium to convey messages. Big-spending advertisers tell us all the time how their brands convey wealth, status, or give the owner membership in a group. We have our own message: think for yourself, and consume intelligently rather than mindlessly.”  Enjoy

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