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Happy Holidays at Macy’s



If you happen to visit a Macy’s store this holiday season be sure to look for the giant red wreaths produced by Cardboard Safari.  Smaller versions of our Snowflake Wreath are available on our web site in white or brown. The white is easy to paint and embellish for the holidays.  Macy’s is also using various sizes of our deer trophy head, Bucky, to decorate their stores for the season. 

Happy Holidays, 
The Cardboard Safari Crew

What customers have to say…

We received this kind email this morning from a customer.
After I bought three of your products in a shop in Seattle, I couldn’t wait to assemble them. I didn’t have high hopes for cardboard, but boy was I wrong!
I brought them to work and spent a bit of time at my desk (don’t snitch!) admiring their construction and thoughtfulness while I put them together. The precision and craftsmanship (especially on the elephant) is very impressive.
Thank you for making an enjoyable puzzle such a beautiful sculpture.
BONUS! the laser+paper combo makes avery pleasing incense/fireplace smell.
When we hear customer appreciation of our hard work and attention to detail it makes all the long hours worthwhile.  Thanks Jason.