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Everyone Loves ‘Em


They’re Scary, they’re cool, they’re extinct (thankfully) but dinosaurs live on in our imagination, books and a few notable films.

The first time I saw Jurassic Park I was a kid. Like most little guys my age I was already infatuated with dinosaurs, able to rattle off a list of species in rapid fire succession to anyone who asked with the enthusiasm that only a child can have.

Dinosaurs were there to stay, not just with me but in the conscious minds of people across the world, so we present to you, our customers, a much requested and eagerly anticipated new product.


Painstakingly designed with every detail taken into consideration we are thrilled to bring a new spin to Cardboard Safari’s products with our first Dinosaur.

A guard for your office, to watch over the playroom or as a gift to those who need a bit of the cretaceous period into their life, Rex is the way to go.


Like all of our products Rex can be colored, painted, glittered and papered to make him as unique as a kosmocertaops!

Using the same precise laser cutting process on our top quality recycled and recyclable cardboard this king of the lizards is also very eco-concious.

Designed by Jackson Bewley and manufactured in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Take a bite, Shop Now.

Last Call for Halloween!


Have you assembled your Halloween wreath(s) yet?
The wreaths are a great project to work on with the kids. Or the whole family can gather around and take turns slotting them together.



Boo! Or Arrrrrrrr!


Halloween is drawing near, so jump into the season with our awesome and unique decor.



Bring a little crafty into your creepy!



Happy October!


Look for the Rhino!

Why Amazon Supports An Online Sales-Tax Bill

Why Amazon Supports An Online Sales-Tax Bill
Amazon supports taxing online sales in a bid to destroy their competition. Unfortunately this will limit consumer choice, destroy the online economy and thousands of small online resellers around the country. Write your US Senators if you think it is a very bad idea to put more Americans out of work.

Holiday hours


red wreath

 As 2012 comes to a close we’d like to thank all of our resellers for another great year.

We’ll be closed December 22nd through January 1st for a much needed break.

Orders placed during this time will be processed on our return.

Happy Holidays,

The Cardboard Safari Crew

Happy Holidays at Macy’s



If you happen to visit a Macy’s store this holiday season be sure to look for the giant red wreaths produced by Cardboard Safari.  Smaller versions of our Snowflake Wreath are available on our web site in white or brown. The white is easy to paint and embellish for the holidays.  Macy’s is also using various sizes of our deer trophy head, Bucky, to decorate their stores for the season. 

Happy Holidays, 
The Cardboard Safari Crew