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Rambling Robbie Goes Cross Country

 While one Rambling Robbie stays to explore Charlottesville with Cori, his twin has embarked on a cross-country adventure with our Colorado crew. Join us – Jackson and Lucie – as we explore our new home with Robbie by our side.

First things first, a mountain town needs a mountain truck.


Robbie can’t get enough of his new wheels. The bright red complements his natural cardboard hue quite nicely, don’t you think? Unfortunately that front seat seems a bit too big for Robbie still. We’re hoping that he’ll grow into it. Until then, he’ll settle for shotgun.

We can see two peaks from our front yard: North Table Mountain and Mount Galbraith. Robbie hasn’t taken any trips all the way up there yet because he’s still getting acclimating to the altitude, but he’s been practicing.


He’s a natural, clearly. Look out for Robbie on the cover of Climbing Magazine – he’ll be a pro before you know it.

Stay tuned for more adventures to come!