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Rambling Robbie Around the Shop

Robbie enjoyes rambling around town but he also enjoys working at Cardboard Safari.

Here is a bit of Robbie’s day at the shop.


“Overseeing some production with Forrest. Double checking for quality control.”


Keeping things neat in the office

“Yup, keeping up with filing!”

Blog 11:17:1

Working with designer Nate Main on new projects.

“Nate and I are discussing some new and exciting products soon to be launched!”


Taking a quick water break.

“Yum, I wonder who’s fruit cup that is?”


It’s been a long day!

“True but an even longer walk home. I need a Robbie car. Have a great evening everyone!”

Rambling Robbie Getting Ready For Halloween

My friend Rambling Robbie stopped by Spirit Halloween at Hollymead Town Center looking for some Halloween inspiration.

Robbie w:cat

“Maybe I will be a black cat for Halloween. Hey how’s it going?”

Robbie w: lady

“I made a new friend. She was so nice and helped me find some cool stuff!”

Robbie w:wolf

“Yikes, look at those teeth.”

Robbie w:scary lady

“I’m not scared………..aaaahhhhhhhh, I’m outta here!”

Have a fun and safe Halloween from Rambling Robbie!

Please visit our Facebook page and let Robbie know what you are dressing up as for Halloween!