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Meet the New Green Machine

Green MachineWe’ve just installed a new laser to handle increased Holiday demand. In keeping with our theme of environmentally friendly “Green” products we opted for the green panel enclosures on the latest edition. The new machine is not only green but a little larger and faster than our existing machines. This added capacity should allow us to stay ahead of Holiday orders and keep retailers and online customers happy.

Thank you for your continued support.


Environmentally Friendly and Safe

RecycleAll Cardboard Safari products are made using safe, environmentally friendly, recycled cardboard made in the USA. Our paper supplier has provided a statement certifying the supplied paper meets all required regulations regarding heavy metals.

“Georgia-Pacific LLC has always exerted careful control on the chemicals which may be present in our products in order to comply with all applicable regulations and our customers’ requirements.”



As our products are made in the US of US made materials we help keep American workers employed.

Thank you, 

Chris Jessee

New Laser Arrives

new laser cutter

new laser cutter

We’ve just taken delivery on a new laser cutter. As we ramp-up production for the holidays and introduce new products this new laser will allow us to keep pace.

Each of our products is individually laser-cut. This allows for precision fit and a construction technique that is difficult to achieve using other production methods.

Our lasers are also manufactured in the USA.

Chris Jessee