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My Cardboard Safari

We are continually impressed by the creative customization our friends and customers make on their Cardboard Safari products.

You can see some of these customizations on our Pinterest board, My Cardboard Safari. You can also see some of the clever ways our products are displayed on In the Wild and In the Shops.

A few fantastic photos have made their way to social media recently.

Virginia is proud to have a mermaid swimming in its waters, and Cardboard Safari is proud that Mermaid Hannah Burgess has made a Mini Tail of Finneas!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.04.18 AM

Erik Davis is a loyal and long time customer, and has fashioned a beautiful stand for his Vince Skull.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.18.18 AM

There are also some tutorials online from customers who have stylized their cardboard products, such as this step by step How-To on decorating Merlin the Unicorn.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.37.46 AM

By the way, if you like the Houndstooth look, available on our website are a few Elephants sporting that pattern!

Vat19 also has a few decorating tips in this fun video.

Have you stylized your Cardboard Safari product? If so, we would love to see it and share it! Send images to Or post it to FacebookTwitter, or Instagram and tag us! You can also use the hashtag #MyCardboardSafari.

Look for the Rhino!

Last Call for Halloween!


Have you assembled your Halloween wreath(s) yet?
The wreaths are a great project to work on with the kids. Or the whole family can gather around and take turns slotting them together.



Boo! Or Arrrrrrrr!


Halloween is drawing near, so jump into the season with our awesome and unique decor.



Bring a little crafty into your creepy!



Happy October!


Look for the Rhino!

Safari Scraps: Make a Planet Mobile


Not only do you end up with an amazing and unique piece of home decor when you assemble a Cardboard Safari product, you also end up with cardboard scraps for further crafting. For example, the disks that you punch out when assembling the Astro Rocket can be turned into a planet mobile.



Punch out the disks and color with your favorite medium. Crayons, pencils, markers, and paints all work great.

If you dare, pull out the glitter and add some bling!




We decided to use dress pins to secure the thread. We tied the thread on, pushed the pin in, and that was that. We needed to clip just one of the pins with wire cutters as it came out the opposite end of the tiniest disk.


Remember, cardboard AND pins are sharp, so small children should work on this with adults. Or in our case, big sisters.



We attached our planets to an embroidery hoop. But you can use a number of  materials: Wire, sticks, bamboo skewers. . . We tied yarn to four sides and knotted a loop at the top for hanging. Ribbon would also work well. And then we attached the planets.




It was a fun family project and a fanciful addition to our home.

Galactic accuracy is not necessary!


Have rocket, will travel!

small boy small rocket

Look for the Rhino!

What is Remembered, Lives


It may seem a long time away, but it’s not too early to start your preparations for Dia de los Muertos.

Also known as Day of the Dead, the festivities begin on November 1 and end on November 2.

white skull

Dia de los Muertos is an opportunity to honor loved ones who have passed.

There are many traditional rituals surrounding the occasion, including building an altar, having a feast, and bringing gifts to the graves of the departed.


Cardboard Safari offers some beautiful designs for this very occasion.

Our products require assembly, providing a great opportunity to focus your thoughts on the beloved dead in your life while creating something with your hands.

black skull

The whole family can gather around the wreath, taking turns slotting it together, while vocalizing memories of  loved ones who have passed.


If you prefer, spend some quite time alone, piecing together a skull while visualizing your dear deceased.

bw skull

Our skulls come in Micro sizes in brown, white, black, and striped, as pictured above.

They also come in a large size, in brown and white only.

Or choose our special edition skull, that comes in its own box.

Create. Conserve. Be Clever.

And remember those who have passed!

Your ancestors will appreciate it.

Safari on the Homestead

I recently visited Asheville, NC, with my family and stayed in a cabin on the beautiful property of a fellow blogger.



I wanted to express our gratitude.

I am fortunate to work at Cardboard Safari where I have such great gifts at my fingertips!

I brought a Purple Star Print Unicorn and a Medium Range Astro Rocket along to give to the kids. They immediately commenced to slotting them together.

Please keep in mind that the cardboard edges are sharp; children should work on these with an adult.

Kaia did a great job of putting together her unicorn in no time.




Merlin looks lovely on the walls of their hand built cordwood home.


Leif, his dad, and my son, joined together in rocket building. Sweet Suki the Akita looked on curiously.





Creative Kaia decorated the circles that were popped out of the rocket’s disks. She glued them together and made a lovely little center piece.

Nothing has to go to waste; our products our recycled and recyclable!



kaia craft

Cardboard Safari products make great gifts and are fun projects for the whole family!

It is especially pleasing as the giver to see the products come together before your eyes.

New Sets of Four

Take a stroll across the African Savannah or the North American Plains and witness four stunning animals from each habitat.

The Safari Set includes Juliette Giraffe, Robbie Rhino, Eyan Elephant, and Leon Lion.

safari set_medium_brown

The North American Set includes Billy Bison, Rocky Ram, Bucky Deer, and Fred Moose.


Both sets are available in Brown or White, Junior or Micro sizes, and are offered at a 10% discount on our website.

When a single animal bust leaves you wanting more, opt for the sets of four!

Hang them on your wall and listen closely. They have a great deal to discuss, from poaching concerns to habitat preservation.

They will remind you to Create, Conserve, and Be Clever!

Look for the Rhino!

Wish Upon a Fish


Whether you are fishing for a mate, a job, or dinner, Wayne the Bass wants to make sure you succeed.

He is happy to hang around and wait for a catch, and may inspire the perfect line.

Have some secret wishes? Write them down on colorful scraps of paper, roll them up, and incorporate them into Wayne’s scales.

He will protect your dreams and serve as a reminder that patience reels in great rewards!

Wayne wants to wriggle into your holiday scene. He makes a great Advent calendar or Hanukkah day counter with plenty of compartments for notes, trinkets, and shiny objects.

Wayne is the fish that keeps on giving!

Re-Visit Children’s Building Project


Super-Cool!  Check out this RE-VISIT to the Public Workshop at National Building Museum – Posted a year ago.  In March of 2011, Cardboard Safari created hundreds of cardboard disks for Alex Gilliam of Public Workshop for an interactive children’s project at the National Building Museum.  See this link for more info and images. Also some Flickr images here.

Quote from Anna “My son had a great time putting these discs together at the building museum. Are these going to be available as a product to buy?”  “Yeah! I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer”