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Announcing Antler Home!


In the last year, we’ve released many of your favorite products in birch plywood. Thank you for making our new products a great success.
Building on that success we are introducing our animal heads in luxurious, eco-friendly Bamboo.

Visit Now!deer_bamboo_9c488e10-3dd2-48c1-bfa5-e60b56d88a90_1

Antler Home is the new home to all of our wood animal head products as well as many new creations, including wall and mantle clocks and furniture.slideshow_2

Take a Look!

Our expanded offerings will ship in time for Christmas. These stunning new products are our best and most innovative designs yet. With an eye to modern style and eco-friendly material we have a new design direction we hope you will welcome into your home.coffeetable21

In celebrating the launch of Antler Home, we’re offering subscribers the chance to win a unique bamboo coffee table. (a $600 value) A truly impressive slab of natural bamboo, laser engraved with a world map and compass rose. Follow the link below and subscribe to our Antler Home newsletter and a winner will be randomly selected in early December.

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9-5 EST.

Everyone Loves ‘Em


They’re Scary, they’re cool, they’re extinct (thankfully) but dinosaurs live on in our imagination, books and a few notable films.

The first time I saw Jurassic Park I was a kid. Like most little guys my age I was already infatuated with dinosaurs, able to rattle off a list of species in rapid fire succession to anyone who asked with the enthusiasm that only a child can have.

Dinosaurs were there to stay, not just with me but in the conscious minds of people across the world, so we present to you, our customers, a much requested and eagerly anticipated new product.


Painstakingly designed with every detail taken into consideration we are thrilled to bring a new spin to Cardboard Safari’s products with our first Dinosaur.

A guard for your office, to watch over the playroom or as a gift to those who need a bit of the cretaceous period into their life, Rex is the way to go.


Like all of our products Rex can be colored, painted, glittered and papered to make him as unique as a kosmocertaops!

Using the same precise laser cutting process on our top quality recycled and recyclable cardboard this king of the lizards is also very eco-concious.

Designed by Jackson Bewley and manufactured in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Take a bite, Shop Now.

Create a Colorful Habitat at a Discount!


Seeking a gift for a friend or family member who could benefit from a focused pastime?

Short on material to take to the next adult coloring party?

Searching for an activity to share with children while educating them?

Straight from the hands of a local Charlottesville artist, we have the perfect solution in two Little Rhino Coloring Books, Costa Rica and Africa.

Both books are spectacularly illustrated by artist, architect, author, and conservationist, Bob Anderson.

Better yet, they are discounted by at least 20% in our Sale Section.

Purchase these while supplies last!




Anderson’s coloring books feature drawings and brief descriptions of a wide range of animals that inhabit savannas, rain forests, and tropical terrains.



The Africa book includes detailed information about each animal, including scientific name, size, weight, distribution, habitat, and status.

wtering hole_002

Fine Art & Fun

The Costa Rica book features black & white coloring templates with the artist’s colored versions on the facing page, making it a book of fine art & fun activity.


Coloring Book Craze!

Adult coloring books have taken a recent rise in popularity. As quoted by fans of the genre in, Inside the Adult Coloring Book Craze,

“I love it,” said Nichole Schmidt, a stay-at-home mom. “It’s very meditative. It gets me away from the kids. And this is my Zen.”

“Far more people are looking for things that are unplugged,” said Ann Garbarino, an advisor at the Small Business Development Center at Stony Brook. “And it’s something that a lot of generations can agree on.”

White-Faced Capuchin

Also on Sale. . .

Included in the sale are Bob Anderson’s beautiful hard cover story books, When I was a Little Boy I was a Black Panther, based on the author’s own childhood fantasies of being able to turn into his favorite animal, and Obo, a tale about a young spot-nosed guenon monkey who goes off on an quest through the African rainforest in search of paradise.

A coloring book for mom, a storybook for son. It’s the perfect match!



Cardboard Animal Busts Save Lives

Here is evidence that a recycled cardboard trophy head is a viable substitute for the head of a real animal!

Matt, or Twitter user MountHopeHunter, describes himself as a:

Social media savvy hunter. Writer. Photographer. Game chef. Part wild. Weekend warrior. On a constant and rentless search for ‘it’

And while he might prefer a real animal head on his wall, he found an excellent compromise for himself and his girlfriend by hanging a handsome white Bucky.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.24.39 AM

Cardboard Safari does not support trophy hunting, but we do see ourselves as a clever and crafty substitute!

Try something different and Wow! your friends.

Look for the Rhino!

New Sets of Four

Take a stroll across the African Savannah or the North American Plains and witness four stunning animals from each habitat.

The Safari Set includes Juliette Giraffe, Robbie Rhino, Eyan Elephant, and Leon Lion.

safari set_medium_brown

The North American Set includes Billy Bison, Rocky Ram, Bucky Deer, and Fred Moose.


Both sets are available in Brown or White, Junior or Micro sizes, and are offered at a 10% discount on our website.

When a single animal bust leaves you wanting more, opt for the sets of four!

Hang them on your wall and listen closely. They have a great deal to discuss, from poaching concerns to habitat preservation.

They will remind you to Create, Conserve, and Be Clever!

Look for the Rhino!

Goal Achieved

You Did It! Thank you friends of Cardboard Safari! Your votes are in and we’ve achieved the goal! As of this morning we’ve received 384 votes on the site. This is fantastic and we’re now qualified for an opportunity to be selected as one of 12 businesses to receive a $250,000 grant.

Re-Visit Children’s Building Project


Super-Cool!  Check out this RE-VISIT to the Public Workshop at National Building Museum – Posted a year ago.  In March of 2011, Cardboard Safari created hundreds of cardboard disks for Alex Gilliam of Public Workshop for an interactive children’s project at the National Building Museum.  See this link for more info and images. Also some Flickr images here.

Quote from Anna “My son had a great time putting these discs together at the building museum. Are these going to be available as a product to buy?”  “Yeah! I Couldn’t Wait Any Longer”

We Love French Paper

We love French Paper – Here at Cardboard Safari we love the many beautiful choices created by the French Paper Company, America’s family run paper mill established in 1871 and is in its sixth-generation, family-owned, iconic designer paper manufacturing. Celebrating their 141st Anniversary this year 2012. They even produce their paper using hydro-electric power.